Are you looking for an easy to set up, portable display for your business or event?


Well you have come to the right place because Ezy Tube Fabric Tension Displays are perfect for any type of event where you want your message to be heard.


The frame for the fabric is an aluminium snap faster frame, while the base is heavy duty solid steel, this makes the whole Ezy Tube Fabric Tension Display stand lightweight, durable and stable, while still it keeping it easy for you to setup.


The fabric of the Ezy Tube Fabric Tension Display is 230gsm knitted polyester and the promotional display banners are printed using dye sublimation (which is a top quality fabric printing process), they are also wrinkle free and can be machine washed.


All of this and you get a padded carry bag for your display sign too!


So if you use them for taste testing your products or outside promotions and they get a bit dirty, the fabric displays are very easy to clean and maintain.


These displays can be used for functions, business promotions, events, weddings, trade fairs, open houses, advertising specials and more.


We have already supplied Ezy Tube Fabric Tension Displays to many different types of businesses on the Gold Coast including Real Estate Agents, Sports Clubs, Surf Clubs, Night Clubs, Hotels, Motels, Health Food, Sales, Alcohol Promotion, Wedding Planners, Medical Supplies, Chemists, Franchises and more.


Here is some more information about the sizing of the displays for you and also what you can have printed on them.


Remember, as always, if you need help, you can give us a call on 07 5526 5592


What sizes do the Ezy Tube Fabric Tension Displays come in?


We have three standard sizes that your Ezy Tube Fabric Tension Display can come in.


These are the sizes of the display stand when fully assembled, they come in Small, Medium and Large sizes for you.


  • Small 915 x 2290mm
  • Medium 1220 x 2290mm
  • Large 1500 x 2290mm


We also have these sizes in an image for you and also there are assembly instructions for the Ezy Tube Fabric Tension Displays too.


There are many different options for you in relation to what you can have printed on the fabric display signs too and this is where we can help you out.


You can have your logo, images, contact details, specials, phone number, website and more on the display, the choice is yours!


We have to make sure what you choose is suitable for printing, so the best bet would be to call us on 07 5526 5592 to run through your options.


Where to now?


You have a few choices to sort out before calling us, so have a think about the size of the Ezy Tube Fabric Tension Display you need and also what you want to print on it.


If you need a bulk order of the displays (you might be sending them out around the country to your reps) we are only too happy to help you out with this option too.


So if you need help with any of the above or just can’t decide what type of print marketing would suit your business, call us today on 07 5526 5592 and we can help you out.


As there are different sizes of Car Magnets available and also because of the artwork that is needed to print your magnetic sign has to be suitable too, this makes it harder to order fully online.

Ezy Tube Fabric Tension Display

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