Table Talkers should be an essential part of any Restaurant, Sports Club, Surf Club, Cafe, Hotel, Motel or Resorts promotional and marketing tools.


How else can you tell people about what you do or your current promotions easily and effectively?


Restaurants can use Table Talkers to let people know about this months specials, wine deals, carry a full menu or even let them know about a special fuction or seasonal occasion coming up like the Melbourne Cup.


Cafe's are in the same boat in regard to using Table Talkers as they can have drink selections on one side, then maybe split up the rest of the sides between the breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.


Hotels, Motels and Resorts see Table Talkers as an easy way to let their guests know more about their business and again, even more information about current specials or tour deals.


Sports Clubs and Surf Clubs we supply to have these everywhere with the latest promotions on them.


Running an event?


Why not tell the people who sit, eat and drink at your tables about it with Table Talkers as they are great conversation starters too.


Having a Table Talker sitting in your reception area, bar area, bar tables, bedside draws, desks or in other key areas means these are seen many times a day and so your message is seen many times a day too.


Whatever your business, there is a lace for Table Talkers to get you more business.


What sizes do Table Talkers come in?


The Table Talkers are 420 gsm, uncoated and come in four handy sizes for you.


  • Large 340 x 210mm
  • Med 340 x 150mm
  • Small 275 x 175mm
  • Lay Back 728 x 99mm


After choosing your Table Talker size you then just have to make the decision on what you want printed on them.


If you don't know what you want, need or are unsure we are only too happy to help you in deciding.


Where to from here?


As there are different sizes of Table Talkers available and also the artwork needed to print your sign has to be suitable too this makes it hard to order them fully online.


So your best option is to give us a call on 07 5526 5592 to discuss your many options.


Then once the decision is made, let us handle it for from there.


We supply Table Talkers to many different types of local Gold Coast businesses already, these businesses include Real Estate, Hotels, Motels, Cafe, Pub's, Taverns, Resorts, Bakery's, Sports Clubs, Surf Clubs and alot more.


So if you want to discuss any of your other business printing or promotional marketing needs we are only too happy to talk to you and help you out in any way we can.


It's what we do everyday.

Table Talkers

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